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Bhushan Chaudhari, an ex-employee of mine, has been using my contacts and accessing my systems to steal my customers. He is stealing all my contacts and getting in touch with my suppliers and starting a business in the same city (Kalyan), which just came to my knowledge. He has been doing this since Feb 2024. He has access to my seller dashboards like Indiamart, Amazon and like, which he is using for his business, without informing me and asking for my consent. He is targetting my customers as well and contacting them. He used to primarily handle computer work, so has access to dashboards, contacts, and my firm's social media handles. He may have installed a malware in my computers, which records my seller and buyer activities. He has been targetting my customers as well, offline as well as e-commerce ones. If you see any suspicious activities on my social media handles, though I have cut the access by changing password, please bring it my knowledge.
I kindly request all my contacts to blacklist him and not deal with him. If you are dealing with him, I cannot deal with you. I cannot tolerate a cheater and a thief.
Regards,Dr. Geetaa Jakhotiya